Families and children of all ages are welcome at the Center, and family activities are held throughout the year. Self Realization Fellowship Sunday School are open to all children and teens interested in learning the SRF teachings. No prior experience with the SRF teachings is required.  

Sunday School

At this time, we offer classes for ages 6 to 12 on the first and third Sundays of the month. The Sunday school teacher and an assistant follow the guidelines recommended by SRF, teaching children a variety of topics related to our Guru's teachings. Children learn the Energization Exercises and the beginnings of meditation. Please ask an usher or greeter when you arrive, and they will direct you to a Sunday school room.


PreschoolThe Sacramento Center is offering a new class for pre-school children age 3-5 starting Easter morning.  Normally, the class will begin at 11am, but on Easter Sunday the start time is 10am.  We aspire to help these very young children begin their spiritual journey, so that they develop their own personal relationship with God. The children will be led in simple games, stories, movements and other activities. One key element is a short meditation period and time to pray for others in each class. We look forward to providing this opportunity for young children. If you have questions please contact Victoria Williams at Here are the dates in the coming months that the pre-school class will meet:

Not Meeting in August - Summer Recess

September 3, 10, and 18

October 8 and 15

November 12 and 19

December 10 and 17


For those attending our services with infants or toddlers, we have a family area with a closed-circuit video system so you can enjoy  the service. This area is located through the first door to your right as you enter the Center and then to your left. Please note that the family room is available on weeks when there is no Sunday School as well. The parents must stay with their children; please do not leave them unattended in the family room, especially during services.

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