Announcements, December 9, 2018


Just a final reminder that this coming Wednesday, December 12, there will be a Livestreamed Holiday Satsanga With Brother Chidananda, president of Self-Realization Fellowship. Brother will convey a special Christmas greeting and exciting news about the new edition of the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons. You can view the Satsanga at the Sacramento Center on December 12 at 6 PM, followed by our regular Wednesday Evening Meditation Service at 7 PM. Also, you may view the video from the web page of the SRF website (see second item under New on home page) and on the SRF YouTube channel from your home computer or other device. If you are not able to join the livestream on December 12, the video will be available soon afterwards on both the SRF web page and the SRF YouTube channel.

Our Annual All-Day Christmas Meditation is on Saturday, December 15, from 10 AM-6 PM, with Energization Exercises at 9:30 AM. This wonderful service was started by Paramahansa Yogananda, allowing devotees to spend the day deeply communing with God and Lord Jesus. The day consists of meditation, chanting, listening to recordings, singing Guruji’s favorite Christmas songs, with a break from 2-2:30 PM. If you cannot attend the entire service, please come for the beginning when the spiritual vibration is being formed. If you have a cough or cold, please meditate at home. The very next day we will have Sunday Services followed by a Christmas Program and Potluck Luncheon.

Our Sunday Afternoon Meditation Service goes from 1 to 4 PM today.

Announcements, November 18, 2018


The Center’s next Day of Service is Saturday, December 1. This is a special Day of Service, and lots of fun, because we will prepare our church for Christmas. And that means putting up and decorating a Christmas tree and lots of decorations. As usual, the day starts with private meditation at 9:30 AM, followed by service tasks around 10 and a vegetarian lunch at 12:30 PM.

On Saturday, December 8, the Center will have a Kirtan event sponsored by the Sacramento Center's Young Adults Group. Due to its popularity, the Kirtan will take place in our main chapel from 6-8 PM. Refreshments will be served, and everyone is invited to attend.

Just a reminder that this year Self-Realization Fellowship’s Mother Center Christmas Open House will be held during the weekend, Friday, December 7 through Sunday, December 9. This really is a special event. You are greeted by monastics and can listen to Christmas carols, enjoy Christmas treats, and visit Paramahansa Yogananda’s shrine.

Immediately after this service we are having a play entitled Gopala’s Pure Heart, featuring our Sunday School students. Then we will adjourn to the Social Hall for our Annual Thanksgiving Vegetarian Potluck. Everyone is warmly invited.

Our Sunday Afternoon Meditation Service will not take place today because of the Thanksgiving Potluck and the Five-Hour Meditation Service on Saturday. Also, another schedule change: The Wednesday evening SRF Lessons Study Group is suspended until January 2, 2019.