Announcements, January 15, 2016


We’re just a couple of weeks away from our anticipated monastics’ visit during the last weekend of January, January 28-29. Brothers Devananda and Muktananda will be leading all services and events.
• On Saturday, January 28, there will be a four-hour Meditation Service, from 9 AM-1 PM, after energization exercises at 8:45 AM, weather permitting. A vegetarian lunch with the monks will follow the Meditation Service. The monks will also give a workshop entitled “Introspection and Communication,” starting at 2 PM.
• On Sunday, January 29, the monks will conduct a Meditation Service at 10 AM, followed by a Lecture Service at 11 AM. Then there will be a Memorial Service for long-time SRF member Haig Koobatian, starting at 12:15, followed by refreshments.

The Center’s next Day of Service is Saturday, February 4. Come for private meditation at 9:30 AM, service tasks will start around 10 AM, and there will be a delicious vegetarian lunch served between 12:30 and 1 PM. During a Sunday lecture at the Richmond Temple, Brother Devananda said, “Serve a little and you will be connected to God and Guru.”

After services next Sunday, January 22, all members are invited to view and choose their preference between two fabrics for
reupholstering our chapel pews. These choices were made after an exhaustive selection process by our Aesthetics Committee. The last step in this process will be to send our preference to Mother Center for review and final approval.