Announcements, March 26, 2017


The Center’s next monthly Day of Service is this Saturday, April 1. The Landscaping Committee needs lots of help. Because of all the rain, we have fallen behind on many maintenance tasks. For example, your help is needed in gaining control over the weeds that have been multiplying with reckless abandonment! Brother Devananda says, “Serve a little and you will be connected to God and Guru.” Come for private meditation at 9:30 AM and service tasks to upgrade and maintain our facilities start around 10 AM. A delicious vegetarian lunch will be served.

The Sacramento Center celebrates Good Friday, April 14, with a Meditation Service, from 7-9 PM, following Energization Exercises at 7 PM.

And on Easter Sunday morning, April 16, the Center has a full and inspiring schedule to ensure that your Easter holiday is meaningful and significant. The morning starts earlier than usual with an Easter Meditation Service at 9 AM, followed by the Readings Service and Sunday School at 10 AM; then comes an Easter Program at 11 AM, followed by an Easter Egg Hunt and Potluck Lunch.

Our Sunday Afternoon Meditation Service goes from 1-4 PM today.