Announcements, November 12, 2017

The Sacramento Center's Annual Food Drive starts today. Let’s see how much easy to prepare, nonperishable food and money for perishable food that we can raise during the four Sundays of the drive. All these donations will benefit low-income families whose children attend Hillsdale Elementary School in North Highlands. Checks can be made out to Sacramento Center. Last year, your generous donations of $1,500 and nonperishable food created food baskets for 16 families, with an estimated 35 children. That’s a significant achievement. Can we do as well this year?

Our monthly Five-Hour Meditation Service is next Saturday, November 18, from 9 AM to 2 PM. One devotee attends this service “Because it allows me the important opportunity to dive into the essential aspect of meditation, practice the techniques, stillness, silence and devotion, with little concern for time, while in the company of other like-minded souls.”

Our Thanksgiving Service and Potluck will take place on Sunday, November 19−that’s next Sunday. This potluck is always a special, mellow affair, emphasizing comfort food. Please bring whatever you do best: a main dish, side dish, or a green, legume or grain salad. Your contributions always make our potlucks special. If you have any questions about the potluck, please contact Patricia Gayman, Social Committee chair ( you.

Just another reminder that our newsletter for the November through January quarter is on the Free literature display in the hallway. Please pick up a copy after this service if you are not yet on our distribution list. Everyone else received a copy via email eight days ago.

Our Sunday Afternoon Meditation Service goes from 1-4 PM today.