Announcements, September 16, 2018

India Night’s what you need to know to celebrate Paramahansa Yogananda’s homeland with an evening of entertainment and a catered Indian dinner on Saturday, October 6 at 5 PM: Our prices are moderate: $15 for adults and kids 10 and older and free for kids under 10 years, about 25% less than you would pay at the Berkeley Temple or Los Gatos Center. Everyone needs a ticket for this high consciousness celebration, including volunteers, to make this event financially viable. Sales end on September 30, so you have three more opportunities to buy tickets, including today. And finally, we are selling “ticketless” tickets. Your name will be put on a list. You can get your tickets for this special evening after this service at the Indian Night table in the Social Hall by check or cash and in the Book Room by credit card.

The Center’s two Commemorative Services at 8 PM for Lahiri Mahasaya are coming up: The Mahasamadhi Service on September 26 and the Birthday Service on September 30. Both services will be preceded by a Meditation Service at 7 PM. Please bring a favorite flower and a donation in an envelope as symbols of your love and loyalty to Lahiri Mahasaya.

The Center’s next Day of Service is Saturday, September 29, with private meditation at 9:30 AM, service tasks around 10, and lunch at 12:30 PM. Sri Daya Mata said "...serve with zeal, with joy, and with love in the heart."

Our Sunday Afternoon service is canceled today because we had our monthly Five Hour Meditation Service yesterday.