Spring Retreat Registration and Payment Options

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Day Retreat (Closed)

Registration will close on April 21.

Friday includes evening program and dinner.

Saturday includes all day program, lunch, and dinner.

Sunday includes morning and afternoon programs and lunch.

Weekend Retreat (Closed)Registration will close on April 21.

Registration will close on April 21.

Rates include lodging and 6 meals per person, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon – 2 nights.

Single room availability is limited, first come, first served. All single requests are wait-listed. If no singles become available, you will be asked to share a room.

Early registration is encouraged.

Register Online and Pay with Credit Card

As these are credit card payments everyone, both day and weekend retreatants, must pay in full when they register. Weekenders can still make a deposit by using the paper registration option available at the Center.

Since scholarship applicants must attach their scholarship application to their registration form, they will not be able to register online.

Those who wish to make a donation to help with retreat costs and scholarships will be able to do so.

Online registration will be available at the Center on Sundays after the readings service during March and April.

Other Registration and Payment Options

Paper registration forms can be obtained at the Center.  If you take the registration form home, you can mail the form and include a check made payable to Sacramento Center of SRF:

Sacramento Center of SRF – ATTN: Registrar

4513 North Ave

Sacramento, CA 95821-4151

Those who wish to use a credit card for payment, please register online by clicking the registration button above.  Unlike in past years, we will not accept credit card payments made in the bookroom.



MEALS: both lacto-ovo vegetarian and vegan options are provided. If you require a special diet you will need to bring your own food.  Refrigerators are available.

WHO MAY ATTEND: The retreat this year is open only to Kriyabans and SRF Lessons students. 

DUE: Payment in full is due by April 22.

REFUNDS: No refunds are available after May 1.

ARRIVAL: Please plan to arrive after 4:30 pm on Friday. Dinner starts at 6:30 pm. Class starts at 8:00 pm.

DIRECTIONS: Google Maps – address: 1001 Boole Rd, Applegate, CA 95703

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarship applications are available at the Center.

QUESTIONS: Please contact the registrar (Betty Hillman) at (916) 501-2284 or bahillman@earthlink.net

ALTERNATE LODGING LIST: If you prefer to stay offsite overnight and attend as day retreatant.

NOTE: The Jesuit Retreat Center is private property. Please do not visit the site prior to the retreat.