Volunteer Opportunities

The Sacramento Center is self-supporting and volunteers perform all duties at the Center. Serving at the Center is an opportunity to keep in tune with Paramahansa Yogananda, make new friends as well as to experience the inner satisfaction that comes from helping others. Whether you have a little time to offer or your schedule allows for more, all help and assistance is needed and appreciated. 

You are welcome to look over the 20+ committees that the Center currently has to see what might appeal to you. You can simply help out during one of our Days of Service. Days of Service are listed on both the Quarterly Events and Annual Calendar. There is usually a short opening meditation, work (of all different kinds depending on the season), and a vegetarian lunch. 

Here is the list of the Sacramento Center Committees:

Announcer: Read announcements on Sundays

Audio & Visual: Set up and operate audio/visual equipment

Book Room: Operate the Book Room after each Sunday Service

Cleaning: Perform cleaning tasks to maintain the church

Flower: Select and arrange flowers for the altar and other places in the church.

Greeter: Welcome all who come to Sunday Services

Kirtan: Play Indian musical instruments at commemorative services

Landscaping: Maintain and keep grounds in a tidy condition

Lending Library: Maintain the books and other library materials

Maintenance: Perform light routine maintenance tasks

Monastic Visits: Coordinate all aspects of visiting monks and nuns

Service Readers: Lead Sunday Reading services, meditation and commemorative services. (Must be a Kriyaban.)

Social: Plan, serve and clean up after Sunday Social events

Sunday School: Teach or assist in the Sunday School program. (Must be a Kriyaban if a teacher.)

Sunshine: Offer help such as visits, flowers, food, or cards to congregation members who may be ill or have an ill family member

Usher: Open and prepare the church for services

Advertising & Publicity: Contacts local media to advertise Center activities

Sweep/Mop: Keeps the floor in the kitchen/social hall area clean.

Teen Program: Leader or assistant for teen group program. (Must be a Kriyaban.)

Please feel welcome to speak with the Greeter after the Sunday service (the person wearing a name tag standing by the Free Literature table). 

I want you to know that all who are interested in the work are personally taken care of by me.   I have placed you in the care of my personal love.  I will do my utmost to help you to carry on here and in the beyond."

Paramahansa Yogananda in a letter to a center leader.